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May 31, 2024


Yasuda Kinen (G1) - Comments from Japanese runners’ connections
Air Lolonois
Air Lolonois

Air Lolonois (gelding, 7)

Kazuhide Sasada, trainer
“He ran better than expected in his last race, and he’s improved for being gelded. He’s put on some more muscle. In training, his workload’s been good, and he posted a 51.3 second time on the uphill track recently. His footwork’s good, and he’s showing improvement, He hasn’t lost his Grade 1 races by much, and I’d like to see him run in a similar way to his last race. With his improved condition, I hope he can put in a performance to match that.”


Catedral (horse, 8)

Manabu Ikezoe, trainer
“With his age, he doesn’t change a lot, and since some time ago, it’s noticeable that his condition improves when the weather is warmer. He’s not so stiff now, and he doesn’t pull so much when he takes the bit. The jockey has experience riding him. It’s been a while since the horse ran over a mile, and the opposition’s strong, so it’ll be important for him to get off to a good start and find his own natural rhythm.”

Arata Saito, jockey
“He’s using his strength better than before, and has been moving well. He’s relaxed and is in good condition.”

Sports Nippon Sho Kyoto Kimpai (G3)

Corepetiteur (colt, 4)

Kazuya Nakatake, trainer
“I’m satisfied with his condition and the way he’s been moving. Last time it was his first race in a while, but in this race, I hope he’ll get a good finish in.”

Masaaki Shibata, assistant trainer
“We’ve taken things a bit easy with him in training, and just in the last week before the race, we’ll decide on his final piece of preparation. It’s a strong Grade 1 race this time, but he’s gotten better with his races and is developing well. He’s still just a 4-year-old, and will improve more from now, but it’ll be interesting to see what he can do here.”

Danon Scorpion
Danon Scorpion

Danon Scorpion (horse, 5)

Yuichi Fukunaga, trainer
“With the short time between races, he’s just done some light uphill work. I felt that in his last race he moved better than he had done previously, so we could think of this Grade 1 for him. He’s taken another step up since his last race, and has shown this with his times and overall condition. His best distance might be 1,400 meters, but jockey Keita Tosaki feels he can do well over 1,600 meters, so I’m hoping that’s the case here.”


Dobune (horse, 5)

Koshiro Take, trainer
“He’s had a nice break at the farm and back at the stable, and even though he’s a little heavy, as the race approaches, he should be in good shape just before it. He’s improving with his training. He ran a good race in last autumn’s Capital Stakes, so I think the track and distance are good for him, and the timing’s good for him to tackle a Grade 1 race. It’ll be his first time to run against such strong opponents, so we’ll have to see what he can do. I hope the ground is good on the day.”

Mainichi Okan (G2)
Elton Barows

Elton Barows (colt, 4)

Haruki Sugiyama, trainer
“On his return from overseas, he’s been training at the racecourse, which hasn’t made things so easy, but his condition seems good enough, even if he has been hanging a little when he runs. I would have liked him to have run on good ground last time, when he was up against the strong Hong Kong horses, but he still ran a good race. Returning here to the Yasuda Kinen, once more it’s a Grade 1, and I’m hoping he can put in a good run with the condition he’s in. Good ground would be best.”

Turquoise Stakes (G3)
Fierce Pride

Fierce Pride (mare, 6)

Sakae Kunieda, trainer
“She ran well from an inside gate last time. In the short time between races, she’s been able to keep her condition, and there haven’t been any problems. This final week, we didn’t push her too hard, but she moved smoothly all the same. She’s a better horse than she used to be. The jockey (Ryusei Sakai) has ridden her. In this next race, it won’t be easy up against strong horses, including the ones from Hong Kong. Although she’s a 6-year-old, she doesn’t have any weak points now, and I hope she’ll get to run her own race. I think she has a chance, and I want her to show how powerful she has become in this next race.”

Gaia Force
Gaia Force

Gaia Force (horse, 5)

Haruki Sugiyama, trainer
“He seems to be in good shape, now that he’s returning from injury, and I’ve been satisfied with his training, and the condition he’s in. It doesn’t matter whether he runs in turf or dirt races, and finding a good rhythm over the mile at Tokyo should be fine for him, as he took on strong horses in the race last year. The jockey’s ridden the horse in training between races, so I think they can combine well when it comes to the race this time.”

Yoshihito Nagaoka, jockey
“He seems to clear every situation that confronts him, including last time when he ran on dirt. He trained well last week, and in this final week, he’s felt good. He’s running with a good rhythm and his reactions are also good. The Hong Kong horses must be good, but it’s great to have this ride, and I think we have a chance.”


Geoglyph (horse, 5)

Tetsuya Kimura, trainer
“He’s been his usual self in training. He won his first ever race at Tokyo, and I want him to do his best this time too.”

Yu Ota, assistant trainer
“He’s in good enough condition as we look to this next race with him. His head can move around a bit, so we pay attention to this in training. He ran quite well in his last race, and the different experiences he has had seem good for him. There’s nothing about a race with one turn over a mile that would go against him. It’s a question of his mental and physical points coming together so that he can run a good race.”

Mile Championship (G1)

Namur (mare, 5)

Tomokazu Takano, trainer
“One of the difficult things is to get her to perform to her best in a Grade 1, in particular regarding the position she takes up in a race. She wasn’t able to run on last time. After her last race, we had her checked out at Northern Farm Shigaraki, and the verdict was that she’s fine to have the Yasuda Kinen as her next target. I have a little regret that perhaps we did too much with her before her last race, and she didn’t have enough energy to show her best, but hopefully things will be different this time. We’ve just freshened her up for this next race, without doing too much.”

Yutaka Take, jockey
“She won last year’s Mile Championship, so she’s a horse with ability. She couldn’t show her best last time, but there’s this race and the Takarazuka Kinen to look forward to.”

Lord Derby Challenge Trophy (G3)
Parallel Vision

Parallel Vision (horse, 5)

Sakae Kunieda, trainer
“He had a break at Northern Farm Tenei after his last race, and came back to the stable on May 8. There’s no big change with him, even though he had lost some weight before his last race. He ran well last time, and showed no tiredness after it. Since a while ago, I’ve considered him to look like a miler, and compared to before, he runs a lot straighter now, so I think he can respond well over this distance. He’s managed consecutive wins at Nakayama, and with his good track record at Tokyo, I’ll look forward to his run in this Grade 1. Good ground would be best, but he has won on dirt, so if the going’s a bit heavy, it should be alright. Christophe Lemaire always rides the horse well.”  

Keio Hai Spring Cup (G2)
Red Mon Reve

Red Mon Reve (horse, 5)

Masayoshi Ebina, trainer
“It’s just a short time between races, but he’s better for having had a race. He worked well on the woodchip course last week, running with a good rhythm, and he doesn’t need such a strong workout. His temperament has improved since last autumn, and I hope he can get a good finish in at the end of this race.”

Daisuke Tsumagari, assistant trainer
“He came out of his last race fine, and he’s continued to work well in training, being well-focused both physically and mentally. He did well last time in the Keio Hai Spring Cup, and more than last year, he’s showing he possesses some good speed. He gets into a race better when the ground is good, and with his sixth-place finish in the race last year, we’re hoping he’ll put in another good run and get a result this time.”  

Mile Championship (G1)

Serifos (horse, 5)

Mitsumasa Nakauchida, trainer
“He’s in very good shape. He did his main work last week, so this week he’s taken it easy, but there’s a nice fresh feel to him as he goes into the race. There’s the home advantage this time, so hopefully he’ll run a strong race.”

Taku Fukunaga, assistant trainer
“His recent work on the woodchip course went as expected, and it’ll just put him right on the spot as he goes into this next race. He feels good, and he’s better than he was for his last race, when he was returning from a spell. There was no damage from that race. There’s a slightly difficult side to him, but since his 3-year-old days, he’s raced well at Tokyo over a mile. As for the Yasuda Kinen, he finished second last year and fourth the year before, so we know he’s capable. With this being his second up race, he’ll be in very good shape to put in a big run here, and hopefully he’ll show that he’s a top-level horse.”

Yuga Kawada, jockey
“He’s improved his condition in these past two weeks, and has been moving well enough. I think we’re in a good position to take on the two strong horses from Hong Kong.”

Yomiuri Milers Cup (G2)
Soul Rush

Soul Rush (horse, 6)

Yasutoshi Ikee, trainer
“He ran a good race last time without the blinkers on. I think he’ll improve for that last run as well. In this last week, we haven’t overworked him, but he’s looked sharp, and his breathing is good. He’s in the best shape that he can be.”

Yuki Iwasaki, assistant trainer
“Since returning to the stable, his first piece of work on the woodchip course was very good, and he posted a final furlong time of 10.7 seconds. He’s just about right with what he’s done in training, and has been moving well according to his work rider. With the condition he’s in, we really want him to get a Grade 1 title this time.”

Stella Veloce
Stella Veloce

Stella Veloce (horse, 6)

Naosuke Sugai, trainer
“He has a nice big stride, and has been quick in training, so I’m pleased with how he’s handled things in his work. There’s no problem with his footwork, and what he’s done in this last week has been just right. He’s coming off a break and hasn’t had many races, so he still feels like a young horse. He’s had results over the mile at Tokyo, so it’s a good track for him. It all makes for a good image of him running in the race, so I hope he’ll do well. The jockey (Norihiro Yokoyama) knows what to do.”

Tokyo Shimbun Hai (G3)
Win Carnelian

Win Carnelian (horse, 7)

Yuichi Shikato, trainer
“There’s a good feeling about how he’s been running in training, and he’s had some practice at the gate too. Everything’s been fine with him, and his times have been better than I expected. It’s been easier to work with him this time, as he wasn’t returning from overseas like he was before last year’s race. He’s running with a good rhythm and is in good condition. He didn’t lead in his last race, and I don’t think he has to if things work out like that. There are strong horses in this next race, but he’s full of energy for a 7-year-old, and I’m hoping he can get a Grade 1 title here.”

Kosei Miura, jockey
“His condition is good after returning from the farm, and he’s handled his workload well. He ran over 1,200 meters last time, and would have done better with a quicker start, but I don’t see any problem switching to a mile.”


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