Feed, Bedding and Water

As of April 2022

1. Feed and Bedding

Feed, feed additives and bedding while in Japan will be provided by the JRA. Trainers who wish to use their own feed or feed additives that cannot be replaced by those arranged by the JRA must meet the following requirements:

  1. a)The feed and/or feed additives list submitted to the JRA beforehand and approved by the JRA.
  2. b)The feed and/or feed additives were given to your horse regularly and right up to until arrival in Japan.
  3. c)Manufactured feeds and feed additives must be intact as purchased unopened and each product should be of same Lot and/or Batch numbers with the date of manufacture.

If the above requirements cannot be met, the feed and/or feed additives intended to use must undergo prior physico-chemical tests by the Laboratory of Racing Chemistry (LRC) for prohibited substances. 

Should any prohibited or restricted substances and drugs be detected in the post arrival sampling, first pre-race veterinary test, which are suspected to be derived from the feed and/or feed additives brought into Japan, the trainer cannot use their carried-in feeds and feed additives other than those which have already passed prior physico-chemical tests conducted by the LRC.

Feed and bedding used during airfreight travel must be disposed of upon arrival at the airport in Japan. Any other feeds (without prior notification and approval by the JRA) brought into the country must be kept in the JRA’s custody until after the race.

2. Import Quarantine

If you wish to import feed or feed additives for your horse to Japan, you must obtain a phytosanitary certificate issued by the Agricultural Department of your country. In addition, upon arrival in Japan, feed or feed additives, must be cleared by the Plant and Animal Quarantine Department and Customs. Please be noted that it may take time to go through these procedures.

Therefore, if your horse must have feed or feed additives that cannot be replaced by the JRA provisions mentioned in ” List of Feed Available in Japan ” on page 32, please contact the JRA Representative Office as far in advance as possible. Please note that if you fail to notify our office as far in advance as possible, you may not be able to use your feed or feed additives immediately after arrival.

LIST OF FEEDS AVAILABLE IN JAPAN (PDF) (click here to download)

3. Water

All JRA facilities are furnished with complete water and sewerage service. The water from the waterworks is potable water, which more than satisfies the standards prescribed by law.

The quality of water is soft compared to North America and Europe.