As of January 2021

1. Registration for Ownership and Colors

The application fee is JPY 10,000 for Owner Registration (both Private and Company Owner applicants) and JPY 3,000 for Registration of Racing Colors. All funds required in this application process must be submitted in Japanese Yen.

2. Owner Registration Tax

Accompanied with Owner Registration, JPY 90,000 must be paid to the Japanese Government in accordance with the Registration and License Tax Act. This amount must be remitted to the bank account designated by JRA.

3. Ownership Change

The JRA Rules of Racing only allows the name of ONE Owner per horse as registered name. In case of a change in the Ownership of a participating horse, the new and old Owners must report to the JRA as immediately as possible one Owner's name under which the horse is to be raced, accompanied by the documentary evidence such as an Ownership Registration Certificate issued by the horse racing authority of the country represented, or the sales contract.

After a horse is drawn into a race, there shall be no transfer nor assignment of any Ownership interest in such horse until after the race, or until such horse is scratched from the race, if sooner.

4. Declaration Fee

Declaration Fee must be remitted to the bank account designated by the JRA. It will NOT be refunded after the horse is declared to run.

G1 races (excluding 2yo races) :


G1 races (for 2yo) and
G2 races (excluding 2yo races) :


G2 races (for 2yo), G3 races : JPY 50,000
Other Races : JPY 30,000

5. Payment

(1) Application Fee for Ownership JPY 10,000
(2) Application Fee for Colors JPY 3,000
(3) Owner Registration Tax JPY 90,000
(4) Declaration Fee (for 3yo+ G1 races) JPY 300,000
  • *(1), (2), and (3) are necessary only for the Owners making registration for the first time after 1st January 1999. Once registered, this registration is valid throughout the period the Owner is registered as a JRA Owner, and the payment is necessary only once.

Payment of (1)~(4) must be remitted by noon, Friday, one week prior to the race day, Japan time. Please be sure that payment is made in Japanese yen. All bank charges and commissions (including paying bank charges) are to be paid by the owner.

The designated bank details are as follows:
Account Number: 0005-001-7834038
Bank: MUFG Bank, Ltd. Head Office, Tokyo, Japan
Bank Address: 2-7-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Swift Code: BOTKJPJT

Please fill in the name of your horse and race on the message section of the application for foreign remittance transactions so that the JRA can confirm from whom the bank transfer was sent.

  • *The currency exchange used in this page is US$1.00= JPY115.