Decision of Runners

As of April 2022

1. Selection of Runners

Entries and participations in the JRA races are subject to the JRA Rules of Racing. Candidate horses for the race will be assessed on their relative merits by the JRA Selection Committee. The JRA has the sole authority and discretion in determining the selection, and the decision of the JRA shall be final. The confirmation of intention to participate and the ability of the horse to meet the schedule of timing necessary for pre-race quarantine will be considered for the selection. The JRA reserves the right to make additional selection from horses which can complete the necessary formalities and logistics in time to participate in the race.

2. Declaration to Run

Trainers are required to declare their horses to run at the prescribed time for each race. It is essential that any special equipment to be carried by the horse is also declared on the declaration form. If a horse is to run with blinkers, a declaration that it is to do so must be made. When a horse has been declared to run with blinkers, they shall be worn, and when no declaration of blinkers, they must not be worn by the horse during the race.

Some equipment may not be allowed to be used without prior permission and therefore, please contact JRA stewards in advance.

3. Declaration Fee

Declaration Fee must be remitted to the bank account designated by the JRA. It will NOT be refunded after the horse is declared to run.

For   G1 races (excluding 2yo races): JPY 300,000
  G1 races (for 2yo) and G2 races (excluding 2yo races): JPY 100,000
  G2 races (for 2yo), G3 races: JPY 50,000
  Other Races: JPY 30,000

4. Scratches

Scratches in JRA racing, which are solely based on the opinion of the Owner or Trainer, for reasons of weather, or change in track conditions are not permitted on or after the deadline for declaration.

Scratches are only possible after receiving the approval of the stewards of the meeting through the submission of a document certifying to any accident to, or disease of the horse.